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Floating Bubble Rack with Pressure Plate, Capacity 8 1.5ml Tubes, Fits 400ml Beaker

Price£ 66.25
  • SKU: 143008
  • Pack Size: 8 - 1.5ml Tubes
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Floating Bubble Rack w/ Pressue Plate, 8x1.5ml, Fits 400ml Beaker

Specially designed racks feature a polypropylene plate that prevents micro-tube lids from opening during boiling or high temperature incubation. Racks float to maintain sample tubes immersed at a constant depth. Supplied one each.

0.20 kg

7.60 x 7.60 x 3.20

Product usually ships within 24 hours.
Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • Holds Tubes: 1.5 ml
  • Places: 8
  • Hole Diameter: 10.8 mm (7/16 Inch)
  • Fits Beaker Size: 400 ml
  • Outside Diameter: 6.6 cm (2 5/8 Inches)