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About Melford


Melford Laboratories Ltd is an established producer of fine organic intermediates and reagents. It is a privately owned company founded in 1985. Melford has an extensive production facility including an R&D laboratory within its main plant. The company has continued to develop and substantial renovation work to its main site has been recently completed.

Production Capabilities

With a staff of highly experienced chemists, we have the ability to offer custom synthesis of new and existing compounds, scale up, custom packaging and custom formulations based on individual specifications. Our advanced facilities allow us the flexibility to produce a wide range of compounds from gram quantities to hundreds of kilos. We specialize in the production of vital fluoroaromatic components of many prospective drug and agrochemical candidates. Many items are in stock or can be manufactured to order, our priorities are to provide competitive pricing with short lead times wherever possible. All inquiries are welcomed and we are ready to assist with any projects leading to scale up and proceeding towards stage one.

Custom Synthesis

Although we are best known for our Fluoro chemistry, our chemists have extensive backgrounds in organic synthesis, consequently our expertise is not restricted to this field. Grignard technology has been highly developed and the Company has methodology for the manufacture of numerous compound types, including Phenylacetic acids, Glycosides, Aminobenzoic acids, Nitrobenzoic acids, Benzaldehydes, Hydroxybenzaldehydes, Acetophenones, Benzeneboronic acids and Sulphonyl chlorides. New compounds are being produced regularly and our chemists are always ready to discuss your projects and how Melford may be able to help. Melford Laboratories Ltd. tries to ensure that effective working relationships are established with our customers to enable accurate and confidential information exchange to be implemented at all times. Many confidentiality agreements have already been established with our clients. We have extensive experience working with routine to specialized preparations. Increasingly, pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturers are finding that the intense pressure on R&D has meant that it is not always possible to develop certain projects or ideas owing to insufficient time and manpower. Melford already acts as an extension to the research facilities of a number of pharmaceutical companies, operating under strict confidentiality agreements.

Quality Assurance 

Our commitment to achieving the product quality demanded by today's chemistry is reflected in our investment in a comprehensive, recently reequipped in-house quality control laboratory. Facilities available include capillary gas chromatography, HPLC, FT-IR, polarimetry, UV-VIS spectrophotometry and K.F. Titration as well as the more traditional wet chemical techniques. New compounds are routinely characterized using Mass spectrometry and NMR. We are able to provide Quality Assurance at all levels as required by our customers and we can operate up to GLP/GMP standards as required. All phases of the manufacturing process as well as raw material approval, packaging and labeling must conform to well established procedures and standards. Lot traceability and documentation further ensure conformance to specifications. Melford Laboratories Ltd. welcomes all requests for visits and inspections, by arrangement please, due to our confidentiality agreements with many clients.