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LB Broth High Salt (Miller's LB Broth), Buffered 26.5g Capsules

Cat No. L2408

Dissolve 1 capsule per 1 Litre of warm distilled water. Water must be 37C or warmer to completely dissolve gelatin capsule. Agitate.Buffer is set for 7.2+/- 0.2 at 25C pH will vary depending on temperature.autoclave material 15 minutes before use.
Store Capsules in closed container at room temperature.
Formula provides:
Tryptone 10 g/l
Yeast Extract 5 g/l
Sodium Chloride 10 g/l
Tris/Tris HCl Buffer 1.5g/l.



20x 1L Caps 500 g  63.50   Add to Cart
40x 1L Caps 1kg  92.50   Add to Cart
200x1L Caps 5kg  413.50   Add to Cart

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