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5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl--D-galactoside [X-GAL]

Cat No. MB1001

MW 408.6

CAS No. 7240-90-6
Chromogenic substrate of -Galactosidase used in combination with IPTG for detection of -Galactosidase activity in bacterial colonies. X-GAL is cleaved at the 1-4 bond between galactose and the 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl portion of X-GAL by -Galactosidase via hydrolysis. The cleavage of X-GAL results in the production of a water insoluble blue dichloro-dibromo-indigo precipitate. In cloning strategies with vectors such as Lambda-11, M13mp18 and 19, pUC18 and 19, pUR222 the E. coli lacZ gene is transformed to lac+ cells. After transformation the cells show -Galactosidase activity in the presence of media containing X-GAL and IPTG. The insertion of a DNA fragment into the cloning sites of the lacZ gene results in the disruption of -Galactosidase activity leading to the appearance of white colonies. Non-recombinant cells produce a blue indigo dye.

Purity : >99%
Solubility : DMSO and DMF
Storage : 2-8 C



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