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Agarose UHR ,Ultra High Resolution

Cat No. A2013

CAS No. 9012-36-6
For DNA /RNA fragments 5-500bp. Ideal for primer size. DNAse /RNase free. At 3% concentration, Agarose Ultra High Resolution (UHR) presents a resolution of DNA fragments similar to gels made with polyacrylamide at concentrations of 8%. Gels with Agarose UHR are easier to prepare and are absolutely free of neurotoxic dangers inherent to polyacrylamide. While Agarose UHR can be dissolved by careful adherence to microwaving procedures, Agarose UHR gels are best prepared by autoclaving.

Gel Strength, 1.5%: >1,500 g/cm2
Gel Strength, 3.0%: >3,000 g/cm2
Gelling Temperature, <35C
Melting Temperature, <76C
Sulfate: <0.11%
Electroendosmois: <0.15

Soluble in: Water
Store at: Room Temperature



100g  246.75   Add to Cart
500g  925.75   Add to Cart

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