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LB Agar High Salt 500ml Buffered Capsules

Cat No. L2418

Super convenient.Eliminate messy weighing.Consistant and accurate measurement.Convenient premeasured and pre-mixed capsules.Prebuffered media eliminates pH adjustments.Simply add 1 capsule per 500ml of water,sterilise by autoclaving for 15 minutes at 121C.
Capsules contain all necessary ingredients for maintenance and propagation of E.Coli.

Casein Digest Peptone 10 g/L
Yeast Extract 5 g/L
Sodium Choride 10 g/L
Agar 15 g/L
Tris/Tris HCL 1.5 g/L
Soluble In :Water.
Store AT :Room Temperature



500g(25 x500ml caps)  63.50   Add to Cart
1kg (50 x 500ml caps  120.00   Add to Cart

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