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Vancomycin HCl

Cat No. V0155

C66H75Cl2N9O24 HCl
MW 1485.7

CAS No. 1404-93-9
Glycopeptide antibiotic that inhibits formation of peptidoglycan polymers of the bacterial cell wall. Differs from penicillins that act primarily to prevent the crosslinking of peptidoglycans. Vancomycin prevents the transfer and addition of the muramylpentapeptide building blocks that form the peptidoglycan molecule. Produces a synergism in antimicrobial activity when combined with Cefotaxime or Carbenicillin. Especially used by Agrobacterium species with a high -Lactamase production. Potency 1099 mcg/mg. Plant cell culture tested. Soluble in water. Store dry at 0-5C in airtight container. Protect from light.



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